Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

We had a very long 4th of July weekend. In a good way!We always buy fireworks and set them off ourselves at Tonys moms house in the country. Her neighbors do the same so the whole area lights up and it's absolutely beautiful.
Sunday night we set our own fireworks off. Natalie did really good even though she was super tired and cranky.She wasn't scared at all.
Monday we went to our local place where they let the professional fireworks off.What an interesting night.We parked and shortly after a group of very young ladies parked next to us.The oldest was 16,then 13 then 12.They were talking very loudly with TONS of people all around.
When people say they cannot believe what young people say now.. I really could NOT believe what I was hearing. The youngest was talking about having sex while on her period. She is 12.TWELVE! Oh my.It was awful.She then started talking VERY loud about the day she "woke up with pubic hair".. mmmhmm.yep.She said "I woke up one day with a thick carpet of pubic hair.So thick I needed to shave my ass crack" WTF!?!
Shortly after that talk another car showed up with a very young couple who had two children.The oldest boy was maybe 2 or 3.The youngest was about 3 months.They were smoking IN THE CAR with the kids.The mom had shorts clean up her ass and a short shirt showing her baby pudge hanging over her oh-so-tight shorts.She started talking about being upset that people were so interested in her sex life and it wasn't their bisness.
By this time my husband and I have turned every shade of red and green you can imagine.These ladies had no class.That's for damn sure.
Natalie fell asleep right before they set off the fireworks.She slept through about the first ten minutes of them.Didn't even flinch.She is such a big girl!They were pretty,but not very impressive. Maybe next year.
Out of all of the torture at least I ended up with some super cute pictures from Saturday and Monday! Enjoy.