Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sugar and spice and everything gross!

Natalie will be 15mos tomorrow. She is so girly in so many ways. She has a very high pitch voice. When she runs she holds her arms up (you'd have to see it). She doesn't like dirt or anything on her hands or feet.It is so funny to see how she is just naturally prissy.
Funny enough, to add to her list of things she is doing now, she now picks her nose and scratches her butt. A lot.Every time she gets a bath she goes straight for her crack. She also loves to fart in the tub and try to find it.
That's my girl! Ha-ha!
There are no words for how much I enjoy my sweet girl. Even when she drives me crazy.
Her list of words grows and grows. She has now added saying "s'that?" like 'what's that', and kiss/kisses.
Her favorite toys have become her sing-a-ma-jigs and the toy silverware that she got to go with her play kitchen. She likes to stab the cats and dogs with her spoons and knives. Obviously the love it. -Insert sarcasm-

Of course some pictures!