Monday, April 11, 2011

Another way to earn free gift cards!

Go HERE to Recycle Bank. It is a wonderful EF site.You can earn points and use them towards coupons or gift cards or tons of other goodies!
I love the $2 off 1 Naked Juice.I drank so much of that while I was pregnant.
Recycle Bank takes a little bit longer to earn points than some other sites,but really,it is free money people.
If you do not want to wait long enough to save enough for a gift card there are plenty of other things you can cash in for.Free McCafe or Smoothie from McDonalds,other BOGO coupons,Ziploc coupons.
They also really encourage recycling.Some companies have joined with  them in this and have codes inside of their boxes or packages that you can enter for additional points.Check it out! :)

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