Sunday, December 26, 2010

I survived Christmas & Two fabulous months!

Our sweet precious girl was two months old yesterday.Christmas day! What a happy and exciting feeling!  She is smiling and laughing like crazy now!She keeps trying to roll over and I am sure she will be there soon.
I am so proud of her everyday for new achievments and everything she is learning.
No matter who holds her right now she turns her head to find where I am in the room. She sure loves her momma! And that's fine with me. :)
I feel so strangely proud when she cries and I am the only one who can calm her. I dont care if it is talking to her, rocking her,or nursing her.She needs me as much as I need her right now.It is a scary yet wonderful feeling.       
N got a ton of presents! Lots of rattles and teething toys and clothes. I ordered her some cloth wipes and a few more cloth diapers as part of her Christmas but the crappy snail mail around here they havent arrived. We also made customs Christmas cards and havent gotten that package yet either.So I think I may ask for a refund.
T got me a Mr Coffee coffee pot that is compatable with keurig.Now I will finally drink coffee alone again and possibly regain some sanity.....
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.I always imagined the day I would be holding a baby in my arms looking at lights on our tree.N is my miracle.She is a blessing I was told I would never have.So when I look down at this beautiful gift,I swear to anyone I AM the most blessed person alive.I have more love and joy in my life than I could ever imagine.                       

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