Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Stinking Christmas.

I have always loved holidays. All of them. Especially from Halloween through Jan 13th which is my birthday.Yet it seems like the older I have gotten the sadder they have become.
Christmas used to be four of the funniest,craziest women you could ever meet. My Grandmother,Mom,Sister and myself.
My Grandmother passed away when I was in the fifth grade and  things started going down hill from there. About five years ago my mother moved to Colorado. I am a momma's girl.I was devistated.A few months later my sister went on vacation to England, fell in love,came back for a couple of weeks and then moved to England.
I miss Christmas. I  miss MY Christmas.I still have a big Christmas day with my in-laws and the whole bunch.Sometimes I miss just us ladies laughing so hard when we opened gifts because we already knew what was in them. We were those people. You know? The ones who are so excited about what they got you that they tell you and still wrap it anyways! haha
I miss my mom.I miss everything about having my mother so close to me.I miss waking up early,even as an adult and curling up at the foot end of her bed and just having conversation. I miss late night drives to a whole other state just because none of us had work the next day and we couldnt sleep. My mother brought so much adventure into my life.When I do get to see her it all comes back.There is no telling what kind of trouble we can get into.
I miss my sister.I miss staying up all night making up stupid jokes.Trying new funky hair styles or painting our nails. I miss that kind of laughter you only have with a sibiling .
I am so happy this year to have Nattie. Our first mini family Christmas. I want to give her the same "high" I got from Christmas and holidays when I was a kid. I want to make her as happy as my mother used to make us.But I cant help being sad at the same time.
On a happy note, Natalie will be two months on Christmas day! Two whole months. Where is this time going? She is growing up so fast and she is so beautiful...ok enough before the tears come!!

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