Sunday, June 26, 2011

8 months!

Yesterday,my sweet baby girl turned 8 months.3/4 OF A YEAR! WTF for real.I do not know where time is going,but I wish it would slow the hell down.
I saw a woman at the mall yesterday with a newborn baby.. maybe a week old tops.I felt instantly broken. I was wearing Nattie in the Beco Gemini carrier and I just hugged her.I can't believe that those days are gone!
Everything new she does is so fun and amazing. She is learning and growing so fast I can't even keep up with her. I love to see her grow,but it breaks me apart knowing that one day she will not want me to hold on to her as tight as I can.
I took her 8 month old photos today.The lighting in my house is not the greatest so I didn't have much to work with..but you at least get to see this super duper adorable baby!!

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