Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting healthy for Natalie's sake

I guess when it comes down to it, I have never really cared enough about myself to be healthy for me.I do care about my health,but not as much as I should.So this is me putting in words that it WILL happen.
I do not want Natalie to worry about me growing up. I do not want her to lose her mother at a young age. I am not sick. I am just not fit and I do not have healthy habits.
All of this will happen gradually obviously.I am thinking of giving up something new every week that is in my diet that makes me unhealthy.
Week 1 - Soda.
I started today and have gone all day without a soda.This is really good for me!

Natalie is growing up so fast. She is working on her second tooth. I am pretty sure she hit a growth spurt because she seems so big to me now. She scoots all over the house and bounces all over.Her personality is so big and brilliant! She is everything to me.She is all smiles.She still plays peek-a-boo daily for about an thirty minutes each time. She gets so sad if we quit playing. She says dada and mama to both me and her dad.
I could not ask for more <3


  1. Get prepared to have some serious headaches from caffeine withdrawals.And OMG she's SO cute! And her HAIR! Love it!

  2. She is so cute, as usual! Good luck with kicking the soda. I need to do that too.

  3. Thanks ladies! I have the headache today.already. I may have to have some coffee.