Sunday, January 16, 2011


I turned ^ on 1/13.Seems to be an odd number to me.Maybe because I am an odd person!
What a week.My mom and dad (stepfather) were here for a week and just left today.How awful to have to say goodbye.I really hate it.But it was wonderful to have them here.
So my 26 year old ass is trying to figure out things to do to occupy myself.You know.All of that FREE time I have.
  • I have started getting things together for the dollhouse I am making for N.
  • I am making things out of items we would normally throw away.
  • Having a family friend teach me to sew tomorrow.
  • I have patterns to sew once I know how!
  • Cutting up some old clothes that were stained and can no longer be worn.Instead of tossing them they will be turned into something useful.
  • Making a scrap book for N of N.
Now the biggest thing I have taken up is my new job.Yep.J.O.B.... I guess you could say it's a job.I would love to consider it more of a hobby.I am working with a company selling cloth diapers! How effing exciting!Seriously!I love talking about them and helping people get started so I think this will work out great for me. It isn't a "job" but I will be making money.So I guess it is kinda a job.Oh you get it!
I will post pictures soon and more details of my week later.

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  1. I need pictures!! Like, need them! :) And I am in Orlando <3