Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3 Months Old!

My sweet girl is three months old today.Time is going way too fast.
Some things she has been doing.. rolling from back to belly yet rarely from belly to back.She has amazing head and neck control.She is staying awake more but taking longer naps.She finally is filling out her 0-3 months clothes! woo hoo!She is talking a lot, like a crazy woman!

I love this kid so much.I will miss this.All of these firsts and new starts.I will miss all of this time that I will never be able to do over.

So I kept dressing her up today to get super cute 3 month pictures.She would either barf on her outfit or fall asleep.Maybe tomorrow.I also ordered her some baby legs and a new cloth diaper (cow print!woo freaking hoo!) from Amazon but they haven't shown up yet. Grrr

Life in general, well we survived the big storms tonight! YAY! I really thought it would be worse than what it was.Thank God it wasn't.I have serious anxiety issues every since we had to run through a tornado on Christmas day after it almost flipped our car a few years back.Every since that day I am much more intrigued by big storms but also way more chicken shit over them too.Can you blame me? I mean, Merry Christmas I almost just died in a tornado isn't the way you greet most people on Christmas day.Thank God someone bought me a shirt that year because I was soaked.
Also I have begun working for a cloth diaper company! YAY ME! I am so very excited about this because it is something I am very passionate about.I hope to bring in some extra money that way..SOOO if you are considering cloth and need some help..come find me!
Well I think that is enough for now.

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